A Snag on Charlon

Once they have the beast knocked out, they have a limited time to get it on the ship. While they’re working on that, they’re approached by a Liathonain soldier and a Half-Elf. The Half-Elf wears the crest of the Yarlin family.

The human has a raven perched on his shoulder. It flies off and transforms into a Human wearing a Liathonian sergeant’s uniform with a cap that looks like a raven. He says, “What are you boys doing? And more importantly, what are you doing with that Liathonian galleon?”

They attempt to bluff, claiming that they’re on a special mission from Jolen to capture a displacer beast. Sergeant Raven does not believe them, and shouts, “Bullshit!”

Roll initiative!

When they defeat them, they check out their gear. On Sergeant Raven they find a scroll of Shadow Walk, and a scroll of Eye of Warding. His raven cap allows the wearer to transform into a raven once per day, for as long as the wearer wants, gaining fly speed 6 but loosing all other powers.

The Half-Elf had a +3 Lifedrinker Longsword. Silence notices that this is a “heritage sword,” a very important item passed down for generations through Half-Elf families. Heritage swords are never sold or traded. When a Half-Elf inherits one, he keeps it until he dies, if he can help it. The markings on this particular heritage sword indicate that it’s from the Brolade family, Silence’s family!

Broladeshire, the valley where Silence grew up, is half a day’s journey from here on foot, and just about an hour by airship.

They travel to the valley, and find the village smoldering. In the center of town is a large pile of bones, they find no survivors. Silence flied in to look for evidence, he notices that bodies not in the pile are not bones, they look like there were killed just yesterday. They all appear to be Brolades. He also notices very fresh graves. He exhumes them, and finds fallen Yarlin soldiers. When he gets within 5 squares of the bone pile, he is attacked by it. He managed to fly away before it can strike.



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