Arrival in Hallendren

Step through the portal

After a day spent training in the foothills of Mount Gall in Gallurn, (see Gaia), Laars decides to head home for some well-earned rest. When he crests a hill and looks down at his hovel, for a brief instant, he swears he can see a man standing by the door, but the image is gone in the blink of an eye. Wary of having been found, he approaches with caution. “How could my former master have found me?” After examining the perimeter, he decides it must have been his imagination. He opens the door and steps in… and finds himself in the middle of a bustling tavern. Most patrons take note of his odd arrival, and then go back to their own business. However, a Dragonborn and a Half-Orc who happen to be sitting at a table next to where Laars is standing look up and kick out a chair for him to have a seat. “Ah, a new arrival,” says the Dragonborn, lifting an eyebrow. “Welcome to Hallendren,” the Half-Orc grunts.



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