Investigating Kigahara

The heroes land on Kigahara, with hopes of finding the massive ship being constructed inside its hallow shell.

Mordecai emphasizes to them that they will need a clear strategic advantage in order to sunder the ship. It’s weapons, defenses, and crew will vastly overwhelm them unless they have a plan.

Studying the plans will reveal that the ship is powered by a collection of three crystal shards. The crystals are described as being both inert and invincible when they are on their own, but when they’re brought together they become highly powerful and unstable. The plans show that the crystals will have a special holder built in the middle of the ship, called the Power Vortex. The plans instruct the builders to keep the crystals out of the ship and away from one another until the ship is complete, at which time they can be loaded into the Power Vortex and the ship will be operational.

The plans also show that the crystals will power the ship’s main weapon, which is some type of ray, but it’s not clear what the ray’s effect will be.

The crystals are described this way:

The Shard of Unending Darkness

The Shard of Eternal Flame

The Shard of Infinite Earth

The heroes land the the surface of Kigahara. It seems to have a solid dirt surface like any other planet. The surface is mostly covered with a dense pine forest. A gray, gloomy fog hangs in the air, obscuring visibility beyond 30 feet. Colors seem duller here, sounds seem slightly quieter as well. Being on the planet feels depressing and draining. While here, the heroes maximum number of healing surges is reduced by one.

Careful investigation leads to a secret door that leads to a series of tunnels built by large humanoids. The see light coming from further down. They find that lower rooms contain windows and balconies that let in a gloomy, bluish light. Looking out, they see the gaping expanse that is the hallow center of the planet. All along the planet’s interior wall are elaborate stone cities, made up of structures that hang from the ceiling, like inverted sky scrapers. They’re in one such building now. Scattered among the buildings are enormous stalactites, some hundreds of feet long. Many are covered in bulbous, milky blue fungi which lets off a faint glow.

There is what a appears to be a relatively dull, small sun floating around inside the planet. It casts a cool, dim light.

When they peer down into the dark center of the expanse, their eyes barely see an impossibly large almond shaped structure. It’s The Terror, the Liathonian super-weapon. They see ships and huge flying bats coming to a fro, ferrying workers and supplies to the ship.

Just as they’re taking in this sight, they’re attacked by Stone Giants and a Liathonian human. There will be the possibility of knocking opponents off the balcony they’re on. This will send them falling toward the center of the cavern, where The Terror hangs in air.

3 Stone Giants (MM2 124)

1 Stone Giant Runecarver

The Stone Giants have medallions with an ancient script. A history check reveals them to say “Order of the Infinite Earth.”

They set it up to look like the giants killed one another by fighting over 1,000 gp. They run to the surface to hide.



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