Massacre at Broladeshire

They travel to the valley, and find the village smoldering. In the center of town is a large pile of bones, they find no survivors. Silence flied in to look for evidence, he notices that bodies not in the pile are not bones, they look like there were killed just yesterday. They all appear to be Brolades. He also notices very fresh graves. He exhumes them, and finds fallen Yarlin soldiers. When he gets within 5 squares of the bone pile, he is attacked by it. He managed to fly away before it can strike.

They kill the animate bones, but they’re rise within a day. In the pile of bones they find a clue. A half-burned letter written in Elvish. They can only read fragments of it.

Silence knows that Yarlinshire is in a nearby valley, just 15 minutes by eagle.

They split up, only three of the heroes go to Yarlinshire.

When they arrive at Yarlinshire they are not attacked, but they find that things are quite tense. People seem to be waiting around for something. Silence recognizes a few faces, and they recognize him. They act wary, but not aggressive, no one attacks.

They talk to Kadon Yarlin, who Silence had traded with as a young man. Kadon says they’re each waiting their turn for the “transformation”. Den Yarlin, the patriarch, has told everyone that due to the threat from the Elvish Council, we must ally with Liathonia to survive. Liathonia has sent a special Priest to give us a blessing that will help us be more fierce in battle. The blessing is called a transformation.

In the temple there is an undead human priest and three Half Elves that have been transformed into greenish undead creatures. The priest wears a uniform that seems to be a mix of military and religious, he seems to be a chaplain of sorts. A few things are curious about his uniforms. One, it appears that the religious symbols, once referencing Avandra, have been defaced. And two, all of his gear seems to be very old, a history check reveals that it’s all antique.

The three are quickly overwhelmed, and retreat.



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