Something Fowl in Yarlinshire

In the temple in Yarlinshire there is an undead human priest and three Half Elves that have been transformed into greenish undead creatures. The priest wears a uniform that seems to be a mix of military and religious, he seems to be a chaplain of sorts. A few things are curious about his uniforms. One, it appears that the religious symbols, once referencing Avandra, have been defaced. And two, all of his gear seems to be very old, a history check reveals that it’s all antique.

The three heroes were quickly overwhelmed, and retreated.

They return and kill the priest and the half=Elves he’s transformed. They open a cursed tome, some are helped, others are hindered.

After that, they need to get the displacer beast to Thaddeus, the Elvish general. He will give them 15,000 gp. Thaddeus is impressed with their work, and would like them to help with delivering the beast. He’ll give them another 15,000 gp if they successfully deliver it to Liathonia.

“We’ll need you to deliver the beast, but we’ve got another package, as well.” He then shows them below deck in his ship, where he has a large cage with 20 extremely angry gnolls. In another smaller cage are the gnolls weapons. “You’ll need to drop the beast and the gnolls a little ways apart, we don’t want them fighting each other. You’ll have to drop them both in the country, not the city. There’s a small farming village, Windell, not far from Vegolis. Drop the beast and the gnolls on opposite sides of this village.”

“You’ll be able to lower the cages down from your ship, but you’ll have to fly your griffons down there to open the cages. Try not to get hurt. I trust you’ll survive.”

If the heroes try to insist on hitting a military target, Thaddeus will say, “No, you’ll attack the target as ordered. If you drop these creatures into a military encampment, they’ll do some damage, sure, but they’ll be taken out very quickly. We need the beast and the gnolls to disrupt food production, pull troops away from the front lines, and ultimately, hurt Liathonian morale. Do the mission as ordered, and you’ll receive your reward. If not, deal’s off. I’ll be sending Pt. Feavin with you to oversee the mission.”

Pt. Feavin is pretty low level, and he seems it.

The heroes are wary about the target. They get Thaddeus to agree to give them 20,000 gp to investigate and destroy the ship they have the plans of, and they get to speak to the Council once they complete both missions.

As they’re dropping their payload on Gaia, they encounter a group of Lithonian soldiers on horseback. They also have a cart that seems to be a hearse. They flee, but cause the hearse to crash, releasing a floating skull from the casket. It attacks Auren and Silence!



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