Taking on The Order of Infinite Earth

The heroes must confront the Order of Infinite Earth in hopes of obtaining their crystal.

The heroes have retreated to the surface of the planet. As they rest, they smell something foul a ways away in the forest. They investigate an find what appears to be a garbage dump. It’s a sizable pile of rotting bones, mushroom bits, and sewage. As they’re checking it out, a Grimlock comes out of a nearby cave carrying two large buckets of waste. The Grimlock is blind, but has blindsight out to 10, so he may not sense them. He wears a burlap vest with the seal of The Order of Infinite Earth scrawled on the back. The cave provides a back entrance to the Order’s lair.

Going in that way leads to a kitchen. There’s four Grimlocks in the kitchen, they run away screaming as soon as the heroes enter. The chase leads to a room with an elaborate stone altar in the middle (Altar of Zealotry). There are two Stone Giant Runecarvers there, as well as a total of 8 Grimlocks. A large, locked wooden door is at the opposite end of the room. It’s adorned with a large seal of the Order.

Altar of Zealotry (DMG 92, lvl 15 Lurker, xp 1200)

Grimlock Minion (MM 148, lvl 14 Minion, xp 250) x 8 = 2000

Stone Giant Runecarver (MM2 125, lvl 16 Controller, xp 1400) x 2 = 2800

One of the Runecarvers has the key to the door.

Through the door they find the great hall of the Order of Infinite Earth. A vaulted 50 foot ceiling is covered with ornate runes. In the back of the hall is an enormous stone throne. Seated on the throne is a huge stone giant, at least 30 feet tall. In front of him are two stone giant guards. They attack!

The two guards engage while the huge one hangs back. He fishes a chest out from behind his throne. He opens it a reveals an amber-colored crystal shard. In an impossibly deep voice he bellows, “You weren’t coming for this, were you? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!” He then take a pouch from his belt and dumps a sparkling powder over the crystal. The crystal begins to vibrate and glow in his hand. It then begins to fly and shoot energy rays at the heroes.

Prismatic Shard (MM2 35, lvl 16 Artillery, xp 1400)

Stone Titan (MM2 125, lvl 18 Elite Soldier, xp 4,000)

Stone Giant (MM2 124, lvl 14 Soldier, xp 1000) x 2 = 2000

When they drop the titan, he screams, pounds his chest, and collapses to the ground. This causes an earthquake that breaks apart the chamber. Stones fall from the ceiling, attacking each character (+19 vs. Ref, 2d10 + 5, miss half damage). The floor then crumbles out from under them, and they begin to free fall through the empty interior of the planet. As they hurtle toward the massive ship, along with dozens of boulders, they notice several large bats racing toward them. The bats deftly cut through the debris and snatch up each falling body, conscious and unconscious alike. There’s some scrambling and it takes several long seconds, but bats snatch up each of them just before the smash into the hull of the Terror.

Workers and soldiers on the ship see this happen, and a few Liathonian guards take to the air on giant eagles and begin chasing the heroes.

Slammer was petrified, so he smashed through the ship with the rocks.




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