On the Front Line with the Elvish Council

The heroes have captured a Liathonian galleon, The Trinity, and the plans for a massive battleship called The Terror. Feyrynne is still with them.

They received a +3 Cloak of Survival (PHB 250) from human captain. It’s the skin of a bear’s head that sits on the wearer’s head, and the pelt forms a cloak.

They see the Council fleet, and a ship approaches. On the ship they meet an Elvish general named Thaddeus. Thaddeus is very happy to see Feyrynne alive and well, and immediately gives the heroes 5,000 gp and a +3 Orb of Reversed Polarities (PHB 238). He tells them that there is much work to be done, and the service of such great warriors would be appreciated and compensated. Feyrynne tries to speak for the whole group, saying, “We just want to help the war effort! We couldn’t possibly accept additional rewards for such duty. It is our mission to defeat Jolen and his evil empire!” The heroes may speak up…

Thaddeus offers the heroes 15,000 gp if they capture a fearsome displacer beast that haunts a forest on Charlon. He wants to use it as a weapon against the Liathonians. Thaddeus gives them a vial of milky white liquid. He tells them to pour this in the beast’s open wounds as soon as it falls, and it should stay alive and unconscious for at least 30 minutes. In order to land on Charlon, the heroes will need to fly their giant eagles down. The Trinity is too large to land, but they can attempt to set it in a geosynchronous orbit. To get the displacer beast back up to the ship, they’ll need to drop a long cable attached to a winch, which the Trinity has.

The displacer beast is nursing displacer kittens, and is guarded by a Briar Witch Dryad. Shortly after landing in the area where the beast should be, they find large, six-footed paw tracks, along with some smaller tracks. They come into a clearing and see the beast with the two young ones nursing. Just then, a female Half-Elf (the Dryad in disguise) emerges from behind a bush. She says, “You weren’t thinking of harming this innocent creature, were you? We’re blessed to have such wonders from the Feywild.” If they ask her about the war, she’ll try to play along, but she really doesn’t know anything about it (bluff check). If the conversation persists, it will become more clear that she has no idea about the war, and that she will become violent if they threaten the displacer beast, she may even strike first.

They down the displacer beasts, and the Briar Witch Dryad runs away, saying, “Those were innocent creatures! They don’t want anything to do with your silly war! They way you behave, you’ll destroy us all!”

Once they have the beast knocked out, they have a limited time to get it on the ship. While they’re working on that, they’re approached by a Liathonain soldier and a Half-Elf. The Half-Elf wears the crest of the Yarlin family.

The human has a raven perched on his shoulder. It flies off and transforms into a Human wearing a Liathonian sergeant’s uniform with a cap that looks like a raven. He says, “What are you boys doing? And more importantly, what are you doing with that Liathonian galleon?”

They attempt to bluff, claiming that they’re on a special mission from Jolen to capture a displacer beast. Sergeant Raven does not believe them, and shouts, “Bullshit!”

Roll initiative!



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