Trouble in Teod

Mercenaries to the rescue

The Heroes meet at the local tavern in Teod. They are soon interrupted by a fellow group of mercenaries led by the Tiefling, Dula. He tells them that the merchant quarter of Teod, (the section of town filled with mansions, inhabited primarily by the wealthy merchants), has been hit by thieves 6 times in the last 2 weeks. He lets them know that he was just hired by the Guild of Honor to protect a section of the merchant quarter, and that they might want to look into getting hired for a job too.

When the heroes walk into the Guild of Honor, they are told by a priest that a wealthy merchant by the name of Raoden has paid to have his house defended for the next week. They accept this job and meet Raoden, who informs them that he will give them dinner for the week and 1,000 gp in exchange for protecting his house. On the second night, they notice a group of thieves breaking into a neighbors house. Not wanting to leave Raoden’s house open to a break-in, they wait for the thieves to exit the house and try to lure them over to Raoden’s. The group of thieves take the bait and a battle ensues. The heroes are victorious, killing an elf and human, and capturing a halfling. The leader of the thieves , (Vasher), escapes but not before unsheathing his black sword and slashing (Adam’s character name). Right before Vasher attacked, (Adam’s character), and Laars, heard a voice in their heads saying, “Want to kill something tonight? Come on, let’s kill.” The voice stopped once the black sword was sheathed. Vasher then vanished in a poof of smoke. Laars, gave chase and eventually caught up to where Vasher had been; 4 bodies in the middle of the street, Dula’s group. All were dead except for Dula, who Laars healed. Dula said that a man ran into them and threw his unsheathed sword on the ground in the middle of his group. His team all fought for possession of the sword, and whoever got it would either kill another of his team, or kill themselves.

Meanwhile, (Adam’s character) and Hassan of the Helmscorch detained the halfling attempting to get him to disclose any information he has about Vasher. He said that he had only been hired by him the night before. The heroes turned the halfling over to the Guild of Honor, where they learned from the priest there that the only man they ever knew by the name Vasher was a dissident who was captured and executed 10 years ago, and that his corpse was placed in the cement of the entryway to the building so they step on him every time they entered. The priest did tell the heroes where he had been captured.

The heroes investigated the dead man Vasher’s hideout and found wall hangings bearing the royal crest of Teod and of the Chancellor Divine Hrathen.



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