Auron Jecht

An Eladrin Wizard, adept at "controlling" the flow of battle.


Male, 26 y/o, 6’6”, 185 lbs. Max HP – 65

Str – 11 Con – 12 Dex – 15 Int – 22 Wis – 20 Cha – 11

AC – 19

Fort – 17 Ref – 22 Will – 24


Born on Crisium

in the capital city of Tirrandor, Auron spent his youth learning the ways of a wizard while appreticing under the late Soveliss, (who was the most powerful wizard of Crisium for the last 200 years). During this time, Soveliss taught Auron many of the spells he now knows, as well as helping him perfect the ability to step in and out of the Feywild. On one such journey, when Soveliss was well-advanced in years, they came across the hag Baba Yaga, (unexpectedly), and Soveliss stopped Baba Yaga from hurting Auron so he could escape. Auron never saw Soveliss again.

Shortly after the death of Soveliss, Auron opened a business (outward appearance being that of a shop to buy rituals and have minor spells performed. If you knew the right questions, you could hire Auron out as a mercenary, (his ultimate desire to become as powerful as possible so as to one day seek out Baba Yaga, and kill her)), in the tourist quarter of Tirrandor. Next to his business was a Dwarven mission trying to help the Eladrin communicate with Bahamut. Here, he met Slammer Hannigan and became fast friends with him. Auron greatly admired Slammer’s devotion to his beliefs. He also found his headstrong ways endearing, and over time actually felt the need to be around Slammer as much as possible to help “protect Slammer from Slammer,” as Auron would say. He actually enlisted Slammer’s help on a few “jobs.”

Though Auron has saved Slammer from many sticky situations that a more intelligent creature could have just avoided, it was Slammer saving Auron’s life while trying to complete a “job” for the mayor of Tirrandor that has Auron claiming that he will follow Slammer to the ends of Perihelion to repay this debt.

(Auron is first and foremost, a follower of Avandra, who says ,”Luck favors the bold. Take your fate into your own hands, and Avandra smiles upon you.” This belief drove him to continue his training after Soveliss died to become powerful enough to seek revenge. Through talks with Slammer, Auron came to follow Bahamut as well, and the Bahamut mantra of “Uphold the highest ideals of honor and justice,” has kept his drive for revenge fueled. However, the other Bahamut teaching that says, “Be constantly vigilant against evil and oppose it on all fronts,” has allowed Auron to find almost endless patience in order to see his revenge through. Auron’s thinking is that he can still follow Avandra’s teaching of taking your fate into your own hands, and Bahamut’s teaching of upholding justice without letting the pursuit of Baba Yaga consume him. “I will continue on this path I have chosen. What was once a direct path, now has many forks, each with a just end that needs to be seen through. And when I do face Baba Yaga, I will be the stronger for it.”

Auron Jecht

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