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A Precious Core

The heroes meet Grifkin Smalls, a wealthy gnome from Kurma. He asks them to go to Petif, an extremely small moon orbiting Kurma, and retrieve a skin of Grulsh Juice. Grulsh Juice is a rare substance contained at the core of some planets and moons. It is used in certain obscure arcane rituals.

Grifkin drops the heroes off on the moon with shovels, picks, and parachutes. He explains that they must dig to the core and retrieve the Juice, then jump off Petif and fall back to Kurma, using the parachutes to land safely.

When they arrive on Petif, they find that it’s inhabited by a monster, a ferocious young Kruthik, page 170 MM.

They dig to the core, and fill the skin with juice.

In order to jump off the moon, they need to run full speed and make a DC 20 Athletics check.

When they pull their chutes, they fall for a little while, then a small airship approaches. It contains a band of pirates, including:

3 Goblin Cutters (or Blackblades, MM 136) 1 Spiretop Drake (MM 90) 1 Hoboblin Warcaster (MM 140)

The Hobgoblin Warcaster is named Vake, he has a pet Spiretop Drake, and three sickly looking Goblins that hang on his every word. They fly at the heroes and snag each of them with grappling hooks they’re dragging from the ship. They drag them and taunt them for a while. The Drake flies down and attacks them, attempting to steal the skin of juice. They then drop them back off on Petif. The goblins descend to the moon and fight them. The drake makes fly-by attacks, but Vake holds back in his ship and watches the fight.

Once they kill the goblins and the drake, Vake begins to make an elaborate challenge, and he begins descending a rope from the ship to the moon. Before he gets far, another small ship shoots harpoons into Vake’s ship and draws close to it. Two goblins board the ship. One wears a dark read cloak, his name is Yeshk, Bringer of Terror. Yeshk casts a spell on Vake that seems to make him freeze. The other goblin pulls him up on the ship. They hog tie him and descend to the moon. Yeshk tells the heroes they can keep the juice and go freely if execute Vake. If they refuse, Yeshk attacks.

Yeshk is a Goblin Hexer, the other goblin is a Goblin Warrior (MM 137)

A Crashed Party

When the adventure starts the heroes find themselves on Gaia, home world of the humans. They are in Vegolis, the mighty capital city of Liathonia, the largest and most powerful of the human nations. Having been adventuring for some time, the characters’ reputation has begun to spread, and they are invited to a party thrown by Tharick Liathon, king and supreme ruler of Liathonia.

The party takes place in a lavish terraced plaza in the heart of Vegolis. There is a large fountain in the middle of the plaza, and the party is crowded with guests when the adventurers arrive. As they greet Tharick, one of them notices Tharick’s six year old son Jolen, the crown prince, catch a frog from the fountain. Once he has the frog in his hands, he begins poking its eyes. Eventually, he drops the frog back in the water, he smiles.

Off to one side of the plaza there is a stage with a large red curtain. An elaborately dressed older gentleman walks out in front of the curtain and summons the crowd’s attention. Tharick and Jolen sit in the thrones near the fountain.

Once the crowd is hushed, the man on the stage says, “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you your entertainment for the evening. A show of the most rapturous veracity.” Right then he pulls the curtain open to reveal seven ghastly beasts, 6 ogres and one troll. The man then morphs into an Oni Mage and barks, “Bring me the head of the heir to the throne of Liathonia!!!” Roll for initiative

Assassination Attempt (2,700 XP). The Oni Mage escaped.

When the dust settles from the fight, they notice that all the enemies have large tattoos on their faces of the names of crimes. They know that tattoos such as these are placed on prisoners when they’re banished to Lectaris a prison colony world in the outer realms.

Tharick insists that the party escort Jolen to a hiding place on Crisium where he will be safe. If they do this, they will be given 1,500 gp. Tharick will allow them to use a small royal airship, with a crew of four. Jolen will be accompanied by Feyrynne, his Elvish nanny.

They are quickly off on the five day journey to Crisium.

Crisium to Lectaris

You have arrived safely at Sun’s Escape, the royal refuge on Crisium. You are greeted by Rodger Liathon, the brother of Tharick Liathon, and Jolen’s uncle. Rodger received word of the assassination attempt through magical messaging (similar to scrying), so he expected expected you, and he gives you a reward of 7,000 gp and four potions of vitality (PHB 225). The heroes are also introduced to a scrappy halfling rogue with large sideburns by the name of Hobart Hobnail, who just completed another mission for Rodger as a sword for hire.

While Liathonian carpenters are repairing your damaged pirate airship, Rodger invites you to a dinner party. At the party, Rodger expresses his gratitude that you were able to safely deliver the prince, and he implores you to continue your search for the Oni Mage who attempted to assassinate the boy. He will give you 2,000 gp up front if you pledge to find and kill the Oni Mage, and an additional 6,000 if you deliver his head (he provides a scroll of the Gentle Repose spell, so you can transport the head with a minimum of decay). As Rodger is explaining this, a conflict is growing at the other end of the table. It seems that Jolen does not want to eat his vegetables, despite the earnest attempts of his nanny, Feyrynne. Suddenly, Jolen screeches, “I hate you!” and swings a steak knife at Feyrynne. From your point of view, it looks as if the knife strikes her arm, but a fraction of a second before the knife makes contact, the skin on Feyrynne’s arm seems to turn metallic, and the blade bounces off what a loud chink! She quickly manages to calm the situation by giving up on the vegetables and letting Jolen run to play in the courtyard. Rodger seems to barely notice the exchange.

Just then one of the carpenters pops in and says, “The ship is ready!”

The heroes make for Lectaris to try to find the Oni Mage assassin.

When they near Lectaris, they’re stopped by Phoelarch guards that attack them rather than let them land.

Target xp 3,500

Phoelarch Mage (MM2 174) 700

Phoelarch Warrior (MM2 174) 700

2 Fire Archon Emberguard (MM 18) 700×2 1,400

They defeat the guards, but their ship is burned in the process. Luckily, they obtain the guards’ ship, it’s much nicer, it seems to be made of brass.

When they land on Lectaris, they’re soon greeted by a kindly old Dwarf. He has a tattoo on his face that says TREASON. He introduces himself as Dury. He says he was once a freedom fighter against the oppressive reign of the Torbuck Clan (the Torbuck Clan was a particularly brutal nation that ruled much of Regolith for a time). He sees that you’re new, and implores you to come into his rough cave dwelling, and hide your ship in an adjacent ravine, or else other prisoners will come investigate, which would not be good.

The heroes tell Dury they’re looking for an Oni Mage assassin, and he tells them that he knows of this Oni Mage and where he can be found. But information is never free. He explains that a brutal band of centaurs is trying to kill him, and if the heroes take care of that problem, he’ll tell them where to find the Oni Mage.

The heroes come up with a very clever way to complete this mission (you’ll have to help me remember what that is…)

Hunting for an Assassin
In which the heroes must find a particular murderer on a planet of murderers.

The heroes have agreed to help Dury the Dwarf, take care of his Centaur problem (a gang led by a Centaur named Ashwyn) in exchange for info about the Oni Mage Assassin.

Ashwyn and the Centaur gang claim that the Oni Mage framed them, resulting in their imprisonment on Lectaris. They once lived on the Sylvanian moon of Kerrys, where they fought against their mortal enemies, the Trolls. An Elvish outpost was burned by Trolls, but the Oni Mage disguised himself as an elf and convinced the Elves that it was Ashwyn and his troops. The Centaurs were captured by the Elves and sent to Lectaris. Years later, they crossed paths with the Oni Mage again, this time on the prison planet. They’ve been trying to kill each other ever since.

They bring the Centaurs with them to attack the Oni Mage. They defeat him, but before he dies, he repeatedly insists that Jolen Liathon is evil. He even tries to get them to help him kill Jolen, so they can split a sizable reward. He does not say who is paying this bounty.

The Centaurs do not know anything about Jolen, they only know of his kingdom, which is one of the most powerful in the galaxy (it’s no surprise, everyone knows about Liathonia). They mention that there is a city not far away, Bonestrife, where they may be able to get some info.

Ashwyn says that they only go to Bonestrife on rare occasions. They managed to find a wooded grove in the craggy rocks of Lectaris, and they prefer to keep to themselves. They journey to Bonestrife only when they need to, and even then, they’re always prepared to fight, it’s a very dangerous place. Ashwyn explains that much of Lectaris, including Bonestrife, is ruled by brutal gangs which organize by race. Races that enjoy relatively peaceful relations throughout the galaxy can be bitter enemies on Lectaris. He advises them to be careful about who is speaking to who (Dwarves should talk to Dwarves, Halflings to Halflings, etc.). Another challenge is the fact that they are a group of mixed race working together. This does happen on Lectaris, but it is rare.

Into Bonestrife

The party ventured into Bonestrife to investigate the bounty on Jolen Liathon’s head.

In a Dwarf bar, Slammer meets Puj, a one-eyed Dwarf with plenty of scars, and the word “LARCENY” written across his face. Puj is a drug dealer. He wants to sell yunk weed. Puj says the Oni Mage gets on and off of Lectaris through a portal. The portal is in a cave guarded by Duergar, Puj tells Slammer where it is.

In an Elvish brothel, Auren meets Vey, a bored prostitute with the word “ADULTERY” tattooed on her face. She tells him the Oni Mage has a history of doing jobs for the Elves. She heard this started when he helped them find the Centaurs that burned one of their outposts on Kerrys. She doesn’t know how he gets on and off Lectaris, but he does. The reason the Elves would hire an Oni Mage rather than Elf assassins is because he’s used for jobs where they don’t want anyone to know that the Elves are behind it. Experienced Elf assassins resents this.

In a Halfling casino Hobart meets Gurbis, who runs a 3 Dragon Ante table, he has the word “SWINDLER” tattooed on his face. After playing a while, he talks to the bartender, Pippy. Pippy asks Hobart to rough up another Halfling who hasn’t paid his bar tab. Hobart kills the Halfling and returns for payment. After paying the reward, Pippy gets to talking about the Elvish Council of Aethon. He says they’re allied with ancient Dragons that are experts at predicting future events. He claims that the Council hired assassins to kill Qigdil Bigil, Governor of the District of Wren, on Tarnar, the Halfling home world. It was not widely reported, even among Halflings, but Qigdil was systematically killing off members of other Districts. Pippy says he intended to spread his bloody campaign across the globe, and even the galaxy. Luckily for Tarnar, Qigdil died in a “tragic” airship accident. But the word is that it was no accident, the Council supposedly took him out.

The heroes have decided to check out the cave with the portal.

Exit from Lectaris

When I write in italics, it’s “out of game” notes. You’ll see what I mean.

From the previous adventure, the one where you were gathering information in Bonestrife, each character gets 800 xp (even Adam’s characters).

The heroes go to investigate the portal guarded by Deurgar.

The entrance of the cave is guarded by two Duergar Shock Troopers. As soon as combat starts, the others join. The Hellcallers use ranged attacks from the cave. Several of them get trapped in the cave, and one Hellcaller runs further in. He teleports out.

Duergar encounter, XP 3,252 Each character gets 650 xp

Duergar Blackguard (MM2 94) xp 1600

2 Duergar Hellcaller (MM2 94) xp 700×2 = 1400

4 Duergar Shock Troopers (MM2 93) xp 63×4 = 252, run as minions

The Blackguard had 8,000 gp.

They don’t see anything that resembles a portal in the cave. Instead, they see a large anvil that seems to grow naturally out of the rock. Next to the anvil is a large hammer, both are inscribed with runes.

Investigating the anvil and hammer reveal that they are magical, but it’s not clear how to use them. They try a few things, but nothing works. After a few minutes, a piercing CLANG fills the air, a flash a light comes from the anvil, and suddenly a man is standing next to the anvil holding the hammer, as if he just hit it. He’s a muscular fellow with orangish hair and a black mustache. He’s holding a lumpy leather satchel. He’s surprised to see the heroes. But then he shrugs and says, “Well, looks like you’re the keepers of the portal now. I look forward to doing business with you, my name is Tannish. I’m assuming you’ll be charging the same tariff as the Duergar?” The Duergar tariff was a flat rate of 1000 gp for each individual and what they could carry (while hitting the hammer on the anvil).

Tannish’s sack holds a number of magic items he’s hoping to sell in Bonestrife. Tannish wants 10,000 gp to tell them how to use the portal. They attempt to intimidate for the info, and he attacks, revealing he’s a weretiger. When he’s nearly dead, he reveals the phrase which makes the portal work, it is “hop to hop, rock to rock, in the blink of Aethon’s eye”, said in Dwarvish.

Slammer was bitten by Tannish during battle, exposing him to a strange disease. Mark: make an Endurance check and leave the results in the comments, be honest.

It’s my understanding that you’re not going through the portal to Regolith, instead you’re going to head back to Crisium to turn in the Oni Mage’s head for the bounty offered by Rodger Liathon. The other thing that can be finished up is returning the Centaurs to Kerrys, which is a moon of Sylvania. If you’re thinking of anything else, say so in the comments.

Grave News

Level up to 13.

The heroes decide to leave Lectaris for Crisium, to deliver The Oni Mage’s head to Rodger Liathon, to collect their reward of 6,000 gp. Jolen is there as well, who they’re thinking of killing. They are able to spot an opening in the patrolling guard ships and make a break for it. One guard ship give chase, but it’s much to far away to be a threat, it turns back.

On the way to Crisium, they make a quick stop on Kerrys to drop off Ashwyn and the Centaur gang. Ashwyn gives them 2,000 gp and a +3 Mantle of Faith (Manual of the Planes p. 157, it gives +3 to fort, ref, and will, and has a daily where you can regain hit points equal to the damage you just took). If there’s any other interactions you want to have with the Centuars before leaving them, you can write that in the comments or we can play it out.

The new ship is fast. The journey from Crisium to Lectaris in the old pirate skiff took 14 days, in the new brass ship, the same journey takes only 9 days.

As they fly over the surface of Crisium and approach the Liathonian oasis of Sun’s Escape, they pass over the town of Beldium. Beldium appears to be in total chaos. There are people running through the streets screaming, bodies strewn about, and quite a few large fires.

Rodger seems agitated and impatient. His mood is curt, and he doesn’t look at the heroes too much while they’re talking. He’s eager to hear how the mission went and see the head. He knows nothing of the situation in Beldium, but he seems genuinely concerned. (Beldium is only about 3 hours on foot from Sun’s Escape).

Slammer fights off Moon Rage.

Rodger is happy see the Oni Mage’s head, and promptly hands over the reward. But he seems distracted and agitated. He seems to be trying to hold it back, but finally bursts out, “You killed the Oni Mage, sure, but the real threat was right under your nose! And you had no idea! You should be ashamed of yourselves! You’re lucky I’m paying you at all!”

When they ask what he’s talking about, he says, “What have you been in the outer galaxy or something? It’s the tragedy of our age! Tharrick, King of Liathonia has been killed! By the very Elf you delivered here, Feyrynne! That vile witch was either a spy, or just a bitter enemy of the crown and a lover of cruelty, either way, she tried to kill sweet young Jolen, the very boy she was hired to look after. Lucky for the boy, his father Tharrick arrived right at that moment for a visit. The two clashed in an epic battle, and Tharrick lost his life. Shortly after, the weakened Feyrynne fell to the King’s guards. As is our proud and ancient tradition, Jolen Liathon became the King of Liathonia at that moment. A royal envoy quickly came and whisked him to Vegolis, where he sits on the throne. Feyrynne’s body was taken as well. Of course, security is at an all-time high.

As they’re talking, an Eladrin woman runs in. She’s dirty with soot and splattered blood, she says, “Rodger of Liathonia, we don’t come to you often, but our situation is dire. The nearby town of Beldium is under attack by walking dead. Last night they rained down from the sky. Many have died, and now some of our own dead are rising up against us. Please, send any troops you can spare!”

She shows them a sword recovered from one of the undead soldiers, it nears the insignia of Liathonia. She says, “We think some of your men may be among the walking dead. Look at this sword!” Rodger replies, “We haven’t lost a single troop! Besides, this sword is an antique. We haven’t used sabers like these in generations.”

Rodger says he cannot spare any troops, as he is on strict orders to be on full defense, due to the recent attack.

When asked for more details, the Eladrin woman says, “Strange wooden pods fell from the sky during the night. Each contained a decaying corpse. They were inert until there was an attack on the temple. A chanting sound began emanating from the building. This is when the corpses awoke and started attacking. No one knows what’s in the temple, it’s surrounded by zombies!”

The heroes fly to Beldium and begin plowing through the zombies with their ship. They stop in a town square and fight a Cadaver Golem and 4 Blasphemes, earning 4,200 xp. One the the Blasphemes said something about a crown living on in death and kissed his antique Liathonian dagger as he fell. Hobart has the dagger.

They hear that a chanting noise is coming from the temple in the center of town. They cut through the zombie hordes to get to it and kick in the front door. Inside, they see 8 rather tough looking zombies, a hideously smelly ghoul about to stab a bound Eladrin child, and a brain in a jar of liquid floating above it all.

The Forum

So it turns out you don’t get to have a forum unless you have paid account, which I don’t really want to do at this point. So I think I’ll just do blog posts about topics that we can then comment on.

Also, we’re limited to 10 mb of space for uploads, but I’ve uploaded very little so far. Almost every image you see in the wiki is hosted elsewhere. I’d recommend trying that before uploading. If you don’t know how to do it, provide me with a link to the image’s URL and I can show you.

Goblin Tech

This post is to act as a forum for brainstorming about Goblin tech in Perihelion.

Here’s what I’ve got so far, from the Interplanetary Travel page:

The first unaided, non-magical travel between planets was accomplished 68 years ago, by Grigen Spickle, an inventor on the goblin home world of Zirkle. Zirkle’s elliptic orbit causes it to pass very close to several planets and satellites in the mid solar system. Spickle managed to plot the course of nearby planets, and when Gaia came near, he used a modified catapult to fire himself at the planet, while encased in a rudimentary wooden pod. The pod consisted of little more than a seat and a parachute, but it worked.

Once Grigen Spickle was able to get word of his success back to Zirkle, goblins all over the planet began producing catapults. Not all models were as good as Spickle’s design, however, and countless goblins died in every conceivable accident, from failed parachutes to simply missing the target planet. Missing the target planet is certainly the worst fate, as this mishap usually ends with the traveler slowly starving to death, often with several planets in view.

Goblin pods soon began landing on nearly all the mid system planets. Some goblins quickly established crime syndicates, while others established more reputable businesses. The most common business run by goblins is building and operating interplanetary catapults. In the years before Airships, these became quite popular, despite remaining very dangerous. The temptation of relatively cheap travel to other worlds lured many tourists to their deaths, but many others successfully reached their destinations. Interplanetary catapults still exist. They’re a cheaper and more dangerous alternative to Airship travel.


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