Charlon in the sky above Gaia.

Charlon is the home world of the Half-Elves. It is a satellite of both Gaia and Sylvania. Every 777 days in alternates between Gaia and Sylvania as the two pass one another.

Charlon is a mix of temperate forests and grassy hills. The Half-Elves who live there are grouped into societies based on large extended families. There is very little strife between the families, and while they are not technically a single nation, most Half-Elves don’t have trouble agreeing with one another. They tend to feel some allegiance to both the Elf and Human nations, but never to a very great extent.



Several large families live together in the Valley of Kealen, forming a capital city of sorts. There is some crime and members of other races here, which is rare other places on Charlon.

The High Prairie

The High Prairie is a lush grassland with large game, it’s a popular hunting ground. Half-Elf families gather here periodically to hold large festivals which include meals, dancing, and games testing skill and physical prowess.

Notable NPCs

Yent Teresh – The patriarch of the Teresh family, one of the most powerful families on Charlon. The Teresh family spends most of its time in Kealen.


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