Crisium is home to the Eladrin.



Most of Crisium is covered in sandy desert. There are a few small salt water seas and a number of lush oases.


Crisium has a diameter of 31 km (19 miles), and a surface area of 3,019 sq. km (1,157 sq. miles), making it a little bigger than Delaware. With a circumference of 97 km (60 miles), it would take a group of adventurers about two and a half days to circle the globe on foot (assuming they walked 8 hours per day, and the terrain was not difficult).

Governing bodies and politics

Wealthy Eladrin merchants, known as sultans, rule Crisium.


The Eladrin delight in finery. They take a keen interest in art, music, and especially architecture. Their cities are filled with fantastic structures covered in white stucco and trimmed with gold.



The greatest city on Crisium.

Sun’s Escape

The human kingdom of Lianthonia, located on Gaia, maintains a vacation home/refuge on Crisium known as Sun’s Escape. The steward of the estate is Rodger Liathon, the king’s brother.


Beldium is a town of about 7,000 inhabitants. It’s not far from Sun’s Escape. It was recently overrun by an invasion of undead creatures that fell from the sky. Many citizens died.

Notable People


Soveliss was a great Eladrin Wizard. He trained several young Eladrin in the arcane arts during his 200 years, including Auron Jecht.

Soveliss was last seen by Auron Jecht on a journey to the Feywild. The two encountered the hideous hag Baba Yaga. Auron escaped, and Soveliss has not been seen since.


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