Humans are one of the most populous races in the solar system. The grasslands of Gaia have easily converted to farmland, supporting the ever-growing human nations.

In addition to Humans, many other races live in sizable numbers on Gaia. Due to its central location and the relative openness of Human cities, many emigrants have made a home on Gaia. The Humans are proud of their cosmopolitan metropolises. Cultures form across the solar system can be experienced on city streets, including diverse food and other goods. The exception is Gallurn (see below) where nearly all non-Humans are slaves.

Liathonia has recently become more hostile to non-humans, causing many to take refuge in Slavoltia.



The majority of Gaia is covered with grassland. There are also sizable oceans, several mountain ranges, a few deserts, and some swampy areas. The climate is a warm temperate.

Flora and Fauna

Horses are native to Gaia, and are trained by humans and exported to other worlds.


Gaia has a diameter of 240 km (149 miles), and a surface area of 180,956 sq. km (69,687 sq. miles), making it comparable in size to the state of Missouri. With a circumference of 754 km (468 miles), it would take a group of adventurers about 20 days to circle the globe on foot (assuming they walked 8 hours per day, and the terrain was not difficult).

Governing bodies and politics

Nearly all humans believe fervently that monarchy is the best form of government. There are three main Human kingdoms, Liathonia, Svoltia, and Gallurn, with smaller tribes and baronies on the fringes of society.


Liathonia is the largest Human kingdom, and one of the most powerful political forces in the solar system. It is ruled by the Liathon family, an unbroken succession of kings leading back 28 generations. Until recently, Tharick Liathon was king. Tharick was generally regarded as just, and was relatively well-liked by his subjects. Tharick was shrewd however, and his priority is clearly the defense of his kingdom at any cost.

Tharrick Liathon was killed by Feyrynne, who was trying to kill Jolen Liathon. Feyrynne was Jolen’s Elvish nanny. She failed to kill Jolen because Tharrick entered the battle to save his son. Feyrynne killed Tharrick, but then one of the royal guards captured Feyrynne. Now, Jolen is the King of Liathonia, and is under the protection of a very paranoid Royal Guard.

Tharick Liathon

Liathonia is a kingdom of such great political and economic power, that it’s not always clear if they are coercing other nations into treaties of their liking, or if that is simply a natural consequence of so much power. Liathonia does have its enemies. Relations with the Elvish Council of Aethon have been cool of late, and are even worse since Feyrynne’s murder of Tharick. While not in an open war with any of the Orc clans, many do offer rewards if their warriors can return with a Liathonian scalp.

Liathonian citizenship is only open to Humans. Other races can legally reside in the nation indefinitely without much trouble. Problems tend to arise when foreigners are accused of a crime, at which time they do not enjoy the same standard of justice as the citizens.

The capital of Liathonia is Vegolis. It is a dense cosmopolitan trading center, and hub of many cultures, as well as the throne. The Jolly Aler, the bar the heroes own, is located in Vegolis.


Slavoltia is mainly a seafaring nation. They have a mighty navy, many fishing vessels, and several large port cities. They too are ruled by an all-powerful king, Burdock the Swift.

Slavoltia generally keeps peace with the other kingdoms. The people often resent Liathonia, but they are two powerful to challenge. There are also tensions with Gallurn, but the two nations’ economic interests are too intertwined for a war to be feasible.


Gallurn is the only Human kingdom to openly embrace slavery. They only enslave members of other races, which has kept the criticism from the other Human kingdoms to a minimum. Since the dawn of reliable Interplanetary Travel, Gallurn has been capturing and trading slaves all over the solar system. This has made them terribly unpopular on most other planets, but their military might combined with a few key alliances have kept their slave business active throughout the solar system.

Gallurn is ruled by Victor Gall, and cruel and paranoid old king.



There are three main Human kingdoms, Liathonia, Slavoltia, and Gallurn (see above).

Notable Individuals

  • Zathan – former Liathonian Royal Librarian.
  • Burdock the Swift – King of Slavoltia.
  • Victor Gall – King of Gallurn.



Charlon is the home world of the Half-Elves. It only orbits Gaia half the time. Every 777 days in alternates between Gaia and Sylvania, the Elf home world, as the two pass one another.


Sorch is a small moon of Gaia, rumored to be home to smuggling activity. It is constantly shrouded in fog, which creates a trail as it orbits.


Reyute is a rocky and desolate moon, seemingly devoid of life. It’s known for extremely large caves and crevasses, as well as mineral deposits.


Lupaendore is a large temperate moon, and is home to Shifters and other Lycanthropes.


Perihelion porcupine