Murugan is the closest planet to the sun to be permanently inhabited by an intelligent species, the Tiefling. Any power with the fire keyword receives a +1 bonus to attack and damage.


Home world of the Tiefling and numerous demons.


Before Tieflings came to be, Murugan was inhabited by a race very similar to humans. The entire planet was ruled by Emperor Bael Turath. In the Empire the noble class (kings, lords, princes, etc.) were completely devoted to the preservation of their power. They were so obsessed with power and glory that they vowed to even give up their humanity for it. Bael Turath made many promises to the nobles of his lands and word reached a realm called the Nine Hells. People of Murugan began having dark visions. They believed these visions would help keep the Emperor and the nobles in power. The visions spoke of an evil month-long ritual that each ruling house of the Emperor must participate in to secure their power forever. Some of the houses refused to take part in the ritual because it promoted terrible deeds that all of the participants of all the houses must do. The houses that refused were destroyed and the ritual commenced. During the ritual, devils began to appear and many houses and nobles made pacts with them. These pacts not only bound the human nobles but also their descendants forever. Thus began the race known as the Tiefling.

Later, the Tieflings realized the ritual was a mistake, and that they were enslaved to the devils. They revolted, founded their own city on the opposite side of the planet, and have fought a war with the devils for centuries. The war still rages today.


Murugan is a desolate place, riddled with active volcanoes and geysers. It is very hot, making it uncomfortable for any creature without a way to deal with the heat.

Flora and Fauna

In addition to Tiefling, the planet is home to many beasts which are comfortable in hot environments, including demons.


Murugan has a diameter of 22 km (13 miles), and a surface area of 1,520 sq. km (587 sq. miles), making it comparable in size to the state of Rhode Island. With a circumference of 69 km (43 miles), it would take a group of adventurers just under two days to circle the globe on foot (assuming they walked 8 hours per day, and the terrain was not difficult).

Governing bodies and politics

Being such a small planet, there is only one large Tiefling city, Larzon, and several small towns. Monsters and demons run rampant in the wastes, so the Tiefling tend to stick together in order to better defend themselves. There is also a large devil city, Huroc, on the opposite side of the planet from Larzon. The Tieflings of Larzon and the devils of Huroc are engaged in a centuries-long war. Both cities are well fortified and relatively safe, but battles constantly rage in the wastelands.



Notable People


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