Non Planetary Mass

Some habitable places of the realm are not planets at all, but other structures, either magical or mechanical, floating in the Nether.

Artificial Structures

Artificial structures include Airships and constructed Nether-fairing objects. There are Airships so large that they do not dock on planets. There are also town wheels, which create artificial gravity, essential for long-term habitation.

Town wheels constantly spin, sometimes by magic, sometimes by mechanically operated turbines. Buildings are erected on the inside of the wheel, and the centrifugal force creates artificial gravity. The gravity is low. (For more see Gravity)

Town wheels can be dangerous places. While some are colonies of just, law-biding citizens, many are run by people who would rather not be on civilized planets. Drifters, slavers, pirates, and ne’r-do-wells can all be found on town wheels.

Town wheels that are not spun magically are spun mechanically, usually by slaves pedaling stationary bikes attached to turbines on the exterior of the wheel.

Magical Structures

Magical structures are rare, and can take almost any imaginable form. The most common are floating islands with magical gravity. These islands often contain the lairs of powerful wizards, dragons, or other beings.

Natural Structures

Natural structures include asteroids, balls of water, and clusters of trees.

Non Planetary Mass

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