The peak of Grunardin Mountain, inside of which is Grun Keep, home of the Grun Clan.

Regolith is a large, cold, mountainous world. It is situated between Kigahara and Lectaris.


The Dwarves are the most populace intelligent race. They share the planet with hill giants, and Duergar. Dwarves and giants are mortal enemies.


Much of Regolith was ruled by the Torbuck Clan for a period of about 50 years. This period ended about 15 years ago. The Torbuck Clan was brutal to the other clans, resorting to slavery and genocide to cement their rule.

The rule of the Torbuck Clan was ended by an alliance of other clans known as The Mithril Mountain Consortium. The Consortium is still the most powerful entity on Regolith.


Regolith is a very mountainous planet. There are rolling hills that allow for some agriculture, but virtually nowhere is the planet flat. Raging rivers and deep, cold lakes are situated between the peaks. There are several permanent glaciers, and snowstorms are frequent.

Flora and Fauna


Regolith is the largest planet in The Realm of Aethon. It has a surface area of about 280,000 sq. km (108,109 sq. miles). It is about 300 kilometers (186 miles) in diameter. It has a similar area to the state of Nevada. With a circumference of 942 km (586 miles), it would take a group of adventurers about 24 days to circle the globe on foot (assuming they walked 8 hours per day, and the terrain was not difficult).

Governing bodies and politics

Dwarves are organized into clans, and clan loyalty is one of the most important aspects of a Dwarf’s life. Relations between the clans are constantly shifting. There have been all-out wars, but conflicts usually simmer beneath the surface.

The Mithril Mountain Consortium

The Mithril Mountain Consortium is a loose group of clans bound together by various peace and trade treaties. The group formed to overthrow the oppressive rule of the Torbuck Clan, and continues to act as a security force. The Consortium also manages the trade of metals, gems, and blacksmith goods through the solar system.

Clans of the Mithril Mountain Consortium

  • Grun Clan
  • Durek Clan
  • Gimlisson Clan

Other Clans

  • Torbuck Clan – Nearly obliterated by the Consortium, some members of this clan still survive, but they have little power.
  • Hannigan Clan – A reclusive people, they don’t have the interest in interplanetary trade that the Mithril clans do.


A number to clans have built air-ship towers on the tops of mountains. These have allowed Dwarves to travel the Realm and sell their precious metals, gems, and blacksmith crafts, making certain clans extremely wealthy.

Mining is the principle occupation of the Dwarves. They are also very good at fashioning the materials they mine into weapons, armor, and other valuable wares.


Notable Individuals

Slammer Hannigan

Baulder Gimlisson



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