Sylvania is the home world of the Elves. It is also thought to be the home world of the Drow, although the Drow are found in subterranean layers on many worlds.



Sylvania is almost entirely covered in dense temperate forests. There are several seas, and a few mountain ranges.

Flora and Fauna

Sylvania has a close connection to the Feywild, and is home to many magical beasts and plants. The Elves do not practice agriculture in the way other races do. Instead, they are experts as culling food from the forest as needed.

Trees on Sylvania are extremely large. Specimens with 100 foot diameter trunks are common, and they grow over 1,000 feet tall.



Governing bodies and politics

The Elvish Council of Aethon is the sole governing body of Sylvania. Not much is known about the council, even by elves. Many believe that it’s the oldest continuous government in the entire solar system. No one knows who actually makes up the council. Official decrees and statements, which are rare, come from government spokespeople, never directly from council members. The elves have various theories about the make-up of the council, but these are just rumors, many of which have been passed down for countless generations.


While the entire planet is ruled by a single governing body, there are differences between city-dwelling elves, and those that live deep in the untamed wood. All Elves have a deep love and appreciation for nature. Study, of Arcane arts, history, and philosophy, is common in cities.

Nearly all buildings are either build onto trees, or in the hallowed out trunks of trees.


Fendell is the capital city of Sylvania. It is a massive metropolis, one of the largest cities in the solar system, but it does not have the waste and despair of most large cities. The ancient structures integrate seamlessly into ancient trees, many of them 1,000 feet tall. At the center of Fendell is the largest tree of all, Arbodaeum. It stretches 2,000 feet into the air, and its trunk is 500 feet in diameter. Within Arbodaeum’s massive trunk lies the home of the Elvish Council of Aethon. Arbodaeum is under constant guard by mages and warriors of tremendous power. The top is constantly circled by airship patrol.

Notable Individuals

Feyrynne, the assassin who posed as Jolen Liathon’s nanny, is from Sylvania.


Sylvania has many relatively large moons. Most are wooded and teaming with life, many are home to Fey creatures.


Kerrys is a large wooded moon, it is home to both the Centaur and Troll races. Centaurs and Trolls are bitter enemies, and they wage constant war in the forrest groves of Kerrys.

The Centaur Ashwyn lives on Kerrys. The heroes helped her and her gang escape from Lectaris.


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