Varaha is a relatively large planet, situated between Tarnar and Kurma. It has three satellites. It is very biologically and topographically diverse. It is the home of the Dragonborn, and is believed to be where Dragons originated.


Varaha is the home of the Dragonborn.

Varaha has the most dragons of any world, and some say they originated here. Dragons have always been able to fly freely between planets, making them one of the few beings to be able to do this before the common races developed sufficient technology.



Varaha contains a level of climatic diversity that scholars attribute to unknown magical forces. While most planets range very little in overall surface temperature, which is determined by distance to Aethon, Vahara hosts permanent ice caps, sweltering jungles, and everything in between. About 30% of the surface is covered by a mix of salt and fresh water seas. There is a good deal of arable land, cities, and roads, but also plenty of areas where dense forests, mucky bogs, and steep mountains render the land nearly impassable.

Flora and Fauna


Varaha has a diameter of 200 km (124 miles), and a surface area of 125,664 sq. km (48,519 sq. miles), making it comparable in size to the state of Mississippi. With a circumference of 628 km (424 miles), it would take a group of adventurers about 18 days to circle the globe on foot (assuming they walked 8 hours per day, and the terrain was not difficult).

Governing bodies and politics

Varaha has large city-states and a number of smaller communities. The city-states are each autonomous, and occasionally war with one another.


Each city-state has a patron dragon. This patron is not symbolic, but rather a real dragon that lives nearby with whom the city has formed a tenuous allegiance. Patron dragons are notoriously unpredictable, sometimes turning on communities they have protected for centuries. The dragonborn have no choice, however, they must have a patron dragon to (hopefully) defend them should another dragon decide to attack. Smaller communities also have patron dragons, usually younger drakes, looking to make a name for themselves.


Notable Individuals


Perihelion porcupine