Secret Passages, Sewers, and Caves

Suspicions about Raoden

The heroes completed their watching of Raoden’s house. During the last few nights, they noticed that he had been leaving in the middle of the night by means of a well-hidden secret passage in his den, (which they discovered after he had returned and gone to bed one night). Alloc of Hexham and Laars went into the tunnel while Hassan of the Helmscorch stood watch outside. The tunnel was smooth stone on all sides and led to a locked portcullis door blocking the way.

The heroes then tried to locate the tunnel during the day and found a sewer that ran parallel to the tunnel. They went into the sewer at night and heard footsteps through the wall of the sewer. As Laars was in the sewer, Hassan of the Helmscorch and Alloc of Hexham stood watch and noticed a goblin approach from an alleyway only to run away when spotted. They found a paper that they goblin had dropped that had orders for the heroes to be locked in the sewer. The next day, the heroes went back to the sewer grate only to find that it had a lock on it now.

The next day, on the way to get a new job from the Guild of Honor, the heroes came to the town square where a crowd was gathering. There was a procession of carts through the crowds bringing prisoners to a stage by the fountain. They notice that one of the prisoners is the halfling that they turned over to the priests last time. A high priest then declared that these prisoners were “attempting to start a revolution. Let their deaths and the fountain flowing red with their blood serve as a reminder that the Chancellor Divine is in control.”

After the decapitations, they ran into Dula, (who really enjoyed the executions!), and hatched a plan for him to take the next weeks watch at Raoden’s house to see if any progress could be made in getting through the secret passage. After this, they received a new job from the Guild to go an inspect a cave farm located a few hours walk from Teod. Dwarven tunnelers had been sent to help expand the area of the farm and hadn’t returned in a week. As the heroes arrive, they stumble upon a frightening looking creature giving the command to the now undead farmers and dwarves to “Find him and kill him. Kill for me!” This creature then vanishes after seeing the heroes and a battle takes place. The heroes emerge victorious and return to Teod.



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